Política de Cookies

Dear Customer/User:
According to Article 13 Legislative Decree no. 196/03 and in regards to your personal information data that will reside with Aromatika company srl, we inform you as follow:

1. Purpose of data processing.
The processing of your data will only be carried out to correct and complete execution of the contractual obligations in place and all related operations.

2. Cookie.
Cookie is a small data file sent by a website visitor’s browser to be stored on the hard disk of the latter. The cookie file is usually extremely small and doesn’t contribute to take any excessive space in the hard drive. It is transferred to the user’s disk for registration purposes to store which areas of the website have been visited. This process saves time, allowing the user to upload previously visited parts of the website.
You can set the browser to notify you when cookies are received and you can refuse it if it deems as a security risk to your system.
Cookies can be permanent, which remain on the hard disk even after closing the browser, and temporary, that is only stored for the browsing period and are deleted from the computer when the browser is closed.
The www.caffeborbone.it site uses certain cookies to maintain and authenticate sessions. In this case, closing the authentication session or browser will make them unusable both by us and other third parties, although they remain stored on the PC used.
It also points out that at the end of each browsing session the visitor can delete from your hard drive both the navigation cache-memory and the cookies collected.

Disabling the cookies
Except like it is mentioned above, cookies are strictly necessary for browsing, users can delete cookies directly through the browser or through the following links:

Microsoft Windows Explorer
Google Chrome 
Mozilla Firefox 
Apple Safari

For information about the cookie stored in your own terminal and how to disable them individually, please refer to the link:

> http://www.youronlinechoices.com/it/le-tue-scelte

How to disable cookies of third party services

> Servizi di Google

3. Terms of personal data processing.
a) Processing is carried through the operations indicated in article 4 paragraph 1 letter a) of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003.
b) Operations can be performed either by using paper support or with the aid of electronic tools, computer and data in a manner appropriate to ensure the security and privacy of the data, according to Article 31 and Legislative Decree no. 196/2003.
c) The data is treated appropriately by personnel engaged in the treatment of such data.
d) The Aromatika company srl has adopted the minimum safety measures provided by the code regarding the protection of personal data and the technical regulations (Annex B).

4. Providing data
The provision of ordinary personal data is strictly necessary by carrying out the activities referred in paragraph 1. The refusal by individuals to give their personal data may make it impossible to fulfill all or part of the contractual obligations.

5. Dissemination of data.
Personal data are not subject to disclosure. Personal data will be treated responsibly and will only be communicated exclusively to those individuals to whom communication is mandatory by law or necessary for the proper fulfillment of purposes mentioned in paragraph 1.

6. Transfer of data abroad.
The personal data may be transferred to European Union countries and to countries outside European Union for the purposes of point 1.

7. Rights and duties of the person concerned.
Article 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 provides the interested specific rights including the right to obtain confirmation from the holder the existence of personal data and its dissemination in a smart way; You have the right to have knowledge of the data, the purpose and methods of processing, individuals to whom the data might be disclosed; the party has the right to obtain updates, rectification and integration of data, removal, transformation in anonymous shape or blocking of data processed in violation of the law; the person concerned has the right to oppose, for legitimate reasons, the processing of data.

8. The data controller.
The data controller is the company Caffè Borbone srl , P.L. 07097160639 – Zona ASI, Loc. Pascarola snc, 80023 Caivano (NA)
In this regard, if you need more information or if you have questions about the privacy policy please contact us at info@caffeborbone.it

9. Data Collection
The www.caffeborbone.it site is for information only. While browsing you can acquire the following information:

– IP address
– Browser type
– Internet service providers
– Operating system
– Domain name and Website addresses from which logged in or out
– Information about the pages visited by users within the site
– Access Hours
– How long you have been on a single page

This process does not collect personal data of the visitor and the technical information while you are visiting the site only concerns the hardware and software used. They are collected and used anonymously for the sole purpose of improving the quality of service and provide statistics on site use.




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