Caffè Borbone, emotion for people and the environment alike

At Caffè Borbone we are aware of the many sensitive aspects of the coffee sector. We feel a responsibility to pursue the sustainable success of our business, by targeting and integrating economic, social and environmental objectives.

This is why we are trying to work responsibly, from the supply of the coffee to the entire life cycle of our products, to convey to consumers all the passion of Caffè Borbone: from the tradition of the true Neapolitan espresso to the pleasure of being part of an increasingly sustainable “Magical Emotion”.

We are deeply committed, with policies, management and operating methods that contribute to a healthy, inclusive and sustainable global economy, respectful of human and employment rights, capable of protecting the environment and actively involved in the integrity of every aspect of the business.

Furthermore, with our active participation in the Italian Coffee Committee, we share the many initiatives of the European Coffee Federation towards the creation of sustainable values throughout the supply chain.

By doing so, we want to be at the forefront in supporting the commitment of the Italmobiliare Group, of which we have been part since 2018, with the United Nations Global Compact. We do this by also confirming our support for the Ten Principles and contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals that make up the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Read more about Caffè Borbone’s sustainable commitment, see the section on the Italmobiliare 2020 Sustainability Report – Italmobiliare 2020 Sustainability Report

Responsibility and integrity to promote agricultural practices in balance with ecosystems, resilient to climate change and attentive to social needs, women, indigenous peoples and farmers’ families.

Production efficiency to reduce the direct and indirect footprint, from renewable energy to sustainable packaging, and ensuring food safety.

Promotion of health, safety and wellbeing for an inclusive and progressive working environment.

Getting consumers involved through products and initiatives capable of promoting responsible lifestyles.

From the adoption of the code of ethics to cooperation with entities, organisations, institutions and authorities.

Supply chain

The management of our strategic supplies requires special attention. This is why we create partnerships with coffee suppliers, relying on selected international intermediaries who are committed to sustainability, including Olam. Among the main operators worldwide, Olam offers substantial guarantees of alignment with international standards and active promotion of a sustainable coffee supply chain.

Among the next steps, we intend to promote the effective application of the OECD-FAO Guidelines for responsible agricultural supply chains.

In 2020 we supported an Olam project in Uganda, a strategic country of origin for us, aimed at countering the effects of the Covid pandemic, which placed the workers in difficulty during the harvest season, including hundreds of women who have lost their source of income. The financial support provided covered the basic needs of over 50,000 families facing difficulty, helping the local dissemination of good prevention practices and supporting the continuity of school activities for children.

Coffee is grown in over 70 countries and more than 80% of coffee produced is by small farmers, some of whom are at risk of poverty. We intend to consolidate collaboration with coffee suppliers in order to improve working conditions and generate income.

Coffee cultivation requires a shared commitment against deforestation, to protect the planet’s green heritage which plays a fundamental role in mitigating climate change. Through the Italian Coffee Committee, a member of the European Coffee Federation, we support the EU biodiversity strategy for 2030, sharing the objectives of the European Commission to protect and restore the world’s forests in a sustainable way. With the involvement of stakeholders and including producer countries, we intend to foster dialogue and share best practices.

Environment and food safety

We ensure quality and food safety throughout the entire production process with advanced, integrated management systems, which thanks to the effectiveness demonstrated and verified over time have obtained the official third-party certification ISO 9001 and IFS Food Standard. In particular, the IFS standard identifies the specific elements of a management system focussing on the quality and health and hygiene safety of products. It involves the adoption of good practices, a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), a documented quality management system, a standard control for the workplace, for the product, for the process and for the staff. It also requires defined specifications for raw materials, intermediates / semi-finished products and other products, supplier monitoring and the proactive management of environmental aspects such as waste management and industrial hygiene.

We were the first to introduce compostable pods to the market. It allows us to offer coffee of the highest quality and protect the planet, thanks to the use of materials that can be completely disposed of in the biodegradable waste and that are ideal for processing into compost. The pod has the CiC (Italian Composting Consortium) certification, a further guarantee of sustainable quality.

We pay a great deal of attention to packaging. For example, the paper and cardboard we use are certified by the international NGO Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which guarantees that the product is made with raw materials deriving from properly managed forests and from recycling. Furthermore, we adhere to the 100% Campania programme, which promotes the reuse of paper supplied by local paper mills according to a quota established and respected annually, in order to feed a circular economy and limit emissions due to transport.

The compostable pod now becomes a 100% friend of nature, thanks to the wrapping being recyclable in the paper collection. A sustainable solution that makes it easier for our customers and consumers to share our effort to help the environment.

In the last year alone, the photovoltaic system installed on the roofs of our production plant has generated and fed over 100,000 kWh of renewable electricity into the grid, an amount equal to the annual consumption of almost 50 Italian families, but saving at least 50 tonnes of CO2 compared to conventional electricity supply.


We believe in the value of our people. For us, our employees are part of the great Caffè Borbone family. For this reason, in the event of any difficulties, we always look for solutions to overcome them together. In the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic, for example, it seemed appropriate to take special economic measures to support our employees: we granted them interest-free loans and issued meal vouchers. In addition, it was decided to award a pay rise to the many employees who, even at a time of extreme difficulty like this, have shown consistency and continuity in their work.



Through Caffè Borbone, we want to actively promote responsible lifestyles. Furthermore, we remain close to the local area and the community, with many initiatives that combine business, social value and environmental responsibility.

2020, the Covid pandemic has overwhelmed everyone. We immediately protected our people, but we could not fail to work for the community as well, by supporting the local health authorities for the implementation of the Covid units at the Loreto Mare Hospital in Naples, with the purchase of personal protective equipment and lung ventilators.
Coffee, especially in Italy, is considered a primary commodity, a pleasure so rooted in our habits that it has become a necessity. For this reason, we have decided to donate over 5,000 packs of fresh ground coffee Miscela Nobile “Resta a Casa” (“Stay at Home” Noble blend) to associations that help less well-off families, who have suffered even more by the ongoing Covid emergency, by giving them a little treat at such a difficult time.

We share our commitment to the environment with our customers and consumers. Our packages contain clear and detailed information for the correct management of post-consumer waste, in order to fully benefit from the compostability and recyclability characteristics of the products.
Since 2020 we have been distributing a kit consisting of compostable cups and biodegradable birch wood stirrers, a set of accessories with a reduced environmental footprint that perfectly matches the compostable pods and sustainable wrappers already on the market.
We support the Plastic Free voluntary association with the direct involvement of our people. We have already helped clear plastic and other waste from an area of 5 kilometres at the mouth of the Garigliano River. This collaboration will now continue with other events for the local area and communities.

The jute coffee bags arriving from the rural communities where they originate, create environmental and social value by becoming corporate shoppers created by the Social Cooperative “I Camminatori di Exodus” founded at Don Antonio Mazzi’s Fondazione Exodus, which has been working in Italy for over 35 years for the socio-occupational reintegration of girls and boys who live in situations of hardship and addiction.

We have taken the revaluation of our regional capital, Naples to heart. We already contribute to the social projects of the Fondazione Rione Sanità. We now want to do more for the children of the Rione Sanità district, by donating part of the income from the “Caffè del Birbantello” to the Foundation, which takes care of them from childhood, guiding them towards a suitable lifestyle.

In partnership with the Medeaterranea association, we are setting up the Neapolitan Coffee Academy. Espresso will no longer have secrets, thanks to courses aimed at training, retraining or updating trade professionals, with particular attention to young people in the Naples area.

The combination of a coffee break and artistic moments, in Italy, boasts ancient and deep roots. And it is in this wake that Caffè Borbone, as a responsible company, intends to carry on a tradition focused on the genuine promotion of cultural and artistic values, establishing partnerships with ancient and prestigious institutions. From the Teatro alla Scala in Milan to the San Carlo in Naples via the Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, in the constant search for uniqueness and Italian style in all its forms.


We promote the legality and integrity of every aspect of the business. We adopt a Code of Ethics that explicitly recalls the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, recognised as an advanced reference at international level also in the matter of corporate governance. Through a sustainable approach aimed at creating shared values for society and the environment, at Caffè Borbone we intend to further explore recipes for success to increase turnover and economic margins, mitigate business risk, attract capital and investors, motivate our people and consolidate the brand.



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